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European gensets manufacturers

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Bull Genset as European gensets manufacturers

As European manufacturers of canopies and of all the main components of the gensets, at Bull Genset we manufacture and paint our own soundproofed canopies, base frames, exhaust and relaxation silencers for our gensets and for other worldwide gensets manufacturers.

Europen manufacturers of canopies and base frames

In our manufacturing chain, we include the electrical panels for the control and protection of our gensets made in Europe, the switchboards, the synchronisms for parallel operations and the rest of main components that are used in the European gensets manufacturing process.

European manufacturers of electrical panels and switchover panels

After gathering the different manufactured gensets components, the engines and alternators, and the rest of the components, the European gensets are assembled, finished and tested to guarantee the maximum quality of the final product, since we are one of the best gensets manufacturers in Europe.

Genset assembly and finishing

Ranges of gensets made in Europe

Portable gensets made in Europe

These European gensets are perfect for various applications, from domestic use to a work context.

Composed of diesel gensets and gasoline gensets perfect for residential areas, construction and industry, easy to use and of great resistance.

Industrial gensets made in Europe

The industrial range of gensets made in Europe is the most versatile, being used in quarries, hotels, hospitals and industries, being able to get super-soundproof quality, to expand the deposit, to be placed in marine containers along with many more options.

Diesel gensets made in Europe of high quality and efficiency to assure the supply of energy in places where the electrical network does not reach or it is deficient.

Heavy range gensets made in Europe

The heavy range is designed for both continuous and emergency service applications in large industrial complexes, towns, quarries, hospitals.

These heavy range European gensets are the most technologically advanced for large applications.

Emergency gensets made in Europe

Designed to offer maximum performance in case of failure of the main network.

They have a control panel prepared for the sudden demands of electricity supply.

Rental gensets made in Europe

Its purpose is the temporary electricity supply, it has a super-soundproof body and a reinforced base frame to give robustness and durability to the equipment.

Easy access to all parts of the rental gensets to facilitate maintenance.

Hybrid gensets made in Europe

Used mainly in telecommunications, they have the greatest autonomy thanks to the incorporation of solar panels, batteries or even wind turbines.

The versatility when it comes to the configuration of the equipment with respect to the components and autonomy make this range a safe bet.

European manufacturers of engines and alternators