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Diesel generator

Next, we present you behind a diesel generator made in Europe at Bull Genset Factory.

Diesel generator Engineering

The experience of the team of engineers of Bull Genset begins in 1971 in Bazán (the current Navantia), a former factory of marine Man and MTU engines, located in the port of Cartagena (Spain).

After this start in the world of engines, Bull Genset team occupied several executive positions in several companies known diesel generators internationally, located in the Region of Murcia, to manufacture its first diesel generator for more than 18 years. (2000)

This vast experience in the sector makes us capable of manufacturing customized diesel generators for any application, being this clear, one of our strong points. (actualidad)

diesel generator manufacturing chain

All the manufacture of the canopies, base frame and residential silent exhaust along with the paint, we have it in our facilities.

The Bull Genset team has a long track record in the manufacture of all types of electrical panels for the industrial sector, industrial equipment and automotive wiring, our specialty being the diesel generator.

Assembly chains of diesel generator

With the necessary engineering, with the own manufacture of all the main components and together with the best manufacturers of diesel generators worldwide of engines and alternators, we have managed to guarantee the best quality in our diesel generators.

We never reject a project whatever its complexity or size, we pride ourselves in facing all the challenges to provide energy solutions to our clients.


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More information about the diesel generator

Manufacturers of diesel generators in Europe

In Bull Factory we are manufacturers of diesel generators, in this page you will be able to obtain some extra information that we offer as manufacturers of diesel generators, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

As manufacturers of diesel generators in Europe, all of our diesel generators have the CE quality mark.

Electrical insulation of our diesel generators

As manufacturers of diesel generators we check all the metallic components of the diesel generator to which the user has access and verify if there are no failures in the connections, in addition to this for greater safety, some diesel generators come with a protection cabin in case a fault can occur when the diesel generator is activated to ensure that the current is diverted.

To verify the faults of a diesel generator, it is necessary to measure and verify the resistance according to the EN 60204-1 standard and check the insulation between the active parts of the diesel generator and the non-active ones, that is, the parts subjected to voltage and electrical load with the parts accessible to the user and that this insulation is resistant to provide protection.

Power box and protection switch for diesel generators

Diesel generators that have powers greater than 20 KVA have a power box that is helped by the distribution board, this box has a protection switch to immediately disconnect the diesel generator when there are faults, short circuits or overloads when transmitting energy, also It has a cable outlet directly connected to the alternator, socket bases to connect medium or low power electronic objects and connect other loads without using the main cable outlet.

Distribution board with diesel generator commutations

The distribution panels can be associated or not with the diesel generator, they are very common in emergency diesel generators, these switchboards are able to observe the loads connected with different networks and to divert electrical connections that fail between the diesel generator and the load, with its use, the monophasic and three phase powers can be balanced. Currently there are other distribution boards adapted to the latest models that allow the user to observe the status and complexity of several loads connected to the diesel generator at the same time.

how to buy a diesel generator

To buy a diesel generator contact us by calling the phone number above, sending a message by WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram or email or simply by filling out our contact form.

If you contact us by any of the above means, we will assist you to help you buy a diesel generator.

Diesel generators in parallel

Diesel generators are a temporary and essential energy source for any type of occasion, especially in those places where there is light rationing, where electricity demand is an increasing value, places where its use as clinics, hospitals or hospitals is compulsory. Industries and in rural construction areas, are a contribution of extra energy that can be exploited with a single diesel generator or with the use of these multiple ways.

Most users of parallel diesel generators adapt a control center to the system, which is usually a connected «communication box», which allows them not only to synchronize all the diesel generators, but also the evaluation and reception of the diesel generators. the performance information or performance of all in parallel.

Diesel generator 1500 rpm

A generator 1500 rpm is the most suitable for industrial applications since diesel generator consumption is lower than one of 1800 and also suffer less wear, increasing the lifetime of the diesel generator.

The diesel generator 1500 rpm is the most common for its advantages over the 1800, less consumption and more life.

The 1500 rpm diesel generators are used in Spain, in other countries they normally work with 60 hertz for which the diesel generator 1500 rpm is not so frequent in those countries.

soundproof diesel generator

The soundproof diesel generator is the most recommended for communities and residential areas, since it greatly attenuates the noise emissions produced by the diesel generator.

Single phase diesel generator

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Three phase diesel generator

The three phase diesel generator is the most used by our customers as it is much more versatile than the single phase, we manufacture three-phase diesel generators up to 3000 kva.

diesel electric generator

The diesel electric generator has advantages over gasoline, such as life and consumption, on the other hand they weigh more and are larger than gasoline.
In the great powers only diesel electric generators are used since they are the ones indicated for the applications that demand great amount of energy in industrial applications.

Our customers ask us about the diesel generator

Best manufacturers of diesel generators

As one of the best manufacturers of diesel generators, Bull Genset guarantees the good operation of all its equipment, which can only be provided by manufacturers of diesel generators, since these control all the means of production of the diesel generator.

which is the best diesel generator
There is no better diesel generator than another, as we have said before, it depends on the needs of the consumer, the best diesel generator will be able to cover each and every one of them, with the highest efficiency and quality and at the best price, This will be the best diesel generator.

How to soundproof a diesel generator

Only the best manufacturers of diesel generators can soundproof one, we have to take into account many important factors for proper operation and to be able to professionally soundproof a diesel generator.

How diesel generator works

If you need more information on how diesel generator works, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturers of Bull Factory diesel generators.

how to purge a diesel generator

To know how to purge a diesel generator contact us and one of our technicians will give you all the instructions necessary to purge your diesel generator.

how to start a diesel generator

If you are wondering how to start a diesel generator, at Bull Factory we have two types of diesel generator starts, one automatic and one manual.
Contact us and we are happy to give you more information on how to start a diesel generator.

Buy diesel generators

Buying diesel generators is not easy, each application has a specific diesel generator so to buy diesel generator, it is best to contact us to help you with the selection of the diesel generator you need.

Dashboard and controller of a diesel generator

In this control system all the controllers of the diesel generator are grouped, with it the levels of control of the energy towards the internal or external components can be verified. In addition, we install in our diesel generators a user interface for the activation or deactivation of the engine, verify the status of the fuel, analyze faults, includes identification of alarms and programming of automated start-up when the electric power service fails.

buy diesel generator manufactured in Europe

We believe that buying a European diesel generator or buying a diesel generator manufactured in Europe is the best option, since a manufacturer of diesel generators in your country can give you technical service and warranty, you can buy diesel generator with European engine, which in this case would be the Better option.

When buying a European diesel generator, we recommend buying diesel generator from a Spanish manufacturer, these will always give you better response than a non-European supplier.

We can offer you a diesel generator with European engine but manufactured in Spain by us, we will offer you our guarantee and you can buy a European diesel generator without fear and with the highest quality.

Cooling types of a diesel generator

Cooling systems are usually implemented in any instrument or machinery that works and has an engine, the diesel generator also requires a cooling system for its operation, this is very useful and necessary for proper control and balance in the motor executions of the diesel generator.

A cooling system that we use as diesel generator manufacturers consists of a water cooling pump, a radiator as a pressure control device for the cooling system, a thermostatic valve for regulating the flow of cooling water and a fan that works in conjunction with the other elements so that the system is able to control the temperature levels generated from the start of the machine that are inadequate or excessive in the engine of a diesel generator.

silent diesel generator

A silent diesel generator is perfect for residential areas and for areas where diesel generators have to be quiet due to regulations or any other factor.